A lunchtime date (EA closed Qasims home)

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Re: A lunchtime date (EA closed Qasims home)

Post by Raya » Tue Jun 07, 2022 12:42 pm

"It's understandable that they worry for you sidi"as your people do not like Ra'Shari. They likely believe I am tricking you and looting your home when your back is turned."

Raya reached the point where she could walk in the water again and started to walk instead of swim - albeit slowly.

"I am a simple entertainer, do not worry" she added with a grin
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Re: A lunchtime date (EA closed Qasims home)

Post by Qasim al-Basiri » Tue Jun 07, 2022 6:15 pm

Qasim shrugged "I have no time for people with small minds and petty prejudice. Your people have suffered at our hands far more than anything Ra'Shari ever did to us or anyone. Yet here you are spending time with me not holding the sins of others against me. Why should I have patience for those that choose to lump all Ra'Shari together? I mean for Shilah's sake you're defending those that mistreat you." He shook his head "you are more understanding than me."

His somewhat serious demeanor slackened a little as he grinned to her "out of the many things you are Raya simple is not one of them."
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