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Ide Rettousei
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Re: Player Characters

Post by Ide Rettousei » Fri May 20, 2022 2:19 am

Probably ought to do this...

Gender: Male
Age: Old enough
Height: Average
Build: Bishi
Marital Status: Single
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Special Guest Star in "Shortest Days Mean Longest Nights"

Ide Rettousei is but recently arrived in the City, sent there by his lords among the Unicorn...for some reason. They didn't really explain it, but that's okay. It's a new place for him, and he's eager to see what it has to offer to someone like him who looks decent, sings decent, and is generally just thrilled to be here!
Ide Rettousei
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"I'm confused."

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Qara al-Hazaad
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Re: Player Characters

Post by Qara al-Hazaad » Fri May 20, 2022 7:07 am

Qara al-Hazaad

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5.6
Build: lithe like a scholar, slightly suntanned
Marital status: Married
Hair color: brown
Eye color: green
Starring in: Shortest Days Mean Longest Nights

Qara was not a Hazaad until a few months ago, born and arrived among the Iuchi of the Unicorn originally. A priestess of the elemental spirits, her union to the minor house of sorcery that is Hazaad was a lavish but awkward affair. After all, two (or more, really) differing belief systems were represented. Since the wedding, Qara has been living the life of an idle rich, mostly, and helping relations between the Dahabi and Unicorn when asked on occasion.

- Do you like MAGIC? So does Qara!
- She spent some time among the Caravan of Mysticism on her way here, so any Ra'Shari might have heard of her
- She is known to wear an excessive amount of odd jewelry, some of which she uses to summon magic (legally!!). Do you like jewelry that summons the primal elements? So does she!
Dahabi * Shugenja * Wealthy * Black Sheep * Married
Rokugani, Mekhem, thinking
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Carries: Talisman satchel, fan, fancy clothes

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Re: Player Characters

Post by Nihira » Mon May 23, 2022 7:57 pm

Name : Nihira
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Build: Athletic
Origin: Ra'Shari
Height: 5'4"
Marital status: unattached
Hair color: Black, down to lower back
Eye color: Light brown

Full of energy and smiles, Nihira is often quick to put on a show. Lately she has made a game of trying to she what dangerous objects she can juggle, fire being next. Her motivation is to not only show what she can do but to show what the very best of her caravan can be. While many might not be familiar with this budding young entertainer, it's not her first time in this city. In fact she has been this way many times and knows a good portion of it pretty well.

Whoever is familiar with her would know Nihira to be a friendly, open, and honest person who is likely to make a joke about herself to ease the tension. This does of course come with its fair share of nervous laughter, as Nihira sometimes feels the need to fill silence with something. And awkward questions, there are awkward questions. Sometimes it would appear these questions are to just herself.
Ra'Shari * Diplomat * Entertainer * Daredevil * Very honest * Stargazer * Asks questions * Why did it have to be snakes *
Influence: 1 | Reputation: 1 | Integrity: Honorless
Typically carries: Knife, well used robe, sling wrapped around her arm, stuff to juggle
Languages: Ra'Shari, Mekhem

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Re: Player Characters

Post by Cassim » Wed May 25, 2022 12:26 pm

Name : Cassim
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Build: Skinny
Origin: Mekhem
Height: 5'8
Marital status: Single
Appearance: Younger than he looks, aged by the sun, malnutrition and hard living
Hair color: Black, going prematurely gray at the temples
Eye color: Light brown

There was countless lost children in the streets of Medinaat al-Salaam, or at the very least there is no one who has bothered to count them. Cassim has only vague memories of a mother or a father. He thinks, cobbling together those memories with the real life observations he can currently make, that they were one of the many servants who were practically slaves. Giving up a child to a charity, even as a complete unknown, was potentially a better life than what they lead.

Cassim does not know whether a family name is one passed down. What he does remember is absolutely hating the place he was raised, which was seemingly a mix of a child labor market with the potential for adoption as a servant in a noble house. A rebellious child,hrran away early and often, eventually becoming skilled enough and running, hiding and stealing so that he was able to eke out a living as one of the teeming mass of child beggars in the city. He very well might have remained that way, had he not gone out of his way to try to charm every adult he came across. Kashim was a cute kid, and he learned that so long as you took from the right people, in the right amounts, you could still have people find you endearing, especially if you make a point of showing that you were giving to those who had even less than you.

While considered a nuisance at best by the city guard, Cassim has done his best to cultivate an image of himself as a lovable rogue, especially to the local Mekhem, who bristle at the wealth of the Dahabi, and who are the ones to suffer the most at the hands of various factions who consider their homes as a proxy warzone. So far Kashim has chosen his targets well, earning enough to invest a bit, though he mostly resides at the whims of others and frequently sleeps on the rooftops of amenable or ignorant hosts. He is currently one step ahead of the law, but it has become incredibly obvious to him that he needs to begin to parley this into something else if he ever wants to get further than that step, that can vanish with a single slip and is looking to carve out something more permanent.
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Carries: Sling (disguised), knife, odd belt (rope and grappling hook), currently dressed in tattered clothes

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