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Day of Wrath

Teaching of Hakhim's Seal

30 - Senpet Empire founded, Book of the Dead created

45 - Conquest gathers the Hanif to create the Yodotai, Shinjo leaves Rokugan and meets the Ujik-Hai

50 - City of the Seventh Star founded

60 - The Great Eye of the Desert is founded, First Great Crusade

Founding of Medinaat al-Salaam

Coming of the Prophet

Founding of the Qabal

Splintering of the Qabal

c. 100 - Caliphate and Sultanate formed, Houses of Dahab founded, the Great Pyramids are built

Trade route formed between Medinaat al-Salaam and Senpet Empire

140 - Yodotai Principals founded

150 - Shinjo departs the Ujik-Hai with the Moto family.

152 - The Ki-Rin encounter Laramun

153 - Shinjo and the Oasis of Spirits

180 - Discovery of Ancestor magic

200 - Second Great Crusade

223 - Iuchi and the Rocs, the Ki-Rin divide, Ujik-hai form Desert Moto

266 - Ide and Moto encounter the Ashalan

298 - The Otaku run afoul of the Khadi of Laramun again

305 - Iuchi encounters Jinn

332 - Arrival of the Fallen Star

340 - The Otaku escape the Khadi

442 - The Battle of White Stag, Shinjo's Slumber

460 - Yodotai destroy Thrane refugees

497 - Ki-Rin battle Cult of Ruhmal in the Ivory Kingdoms

510 - Book of the Dead is lost

570 - Cult of Ruhmal stages first assault on Ebonites

620 - Jackals begin using Necromancy

650 - Alliance between Ebonties and Ivory Kingdom

655 - Ashalan first begin appearing openly in Medinaat al-Salaam

c. 670 - House Asmari founded

815 - The Unicorn return to Rokugan

c. 825 - Hanan arrives in Medinaat al-Salaam

828 - Hanan becomes Caliph, Formation of the Khadi

830 - Prince Hassan murders his father, the Sultan, and becomes cursed. He wanders the desert and finds the Mountain of the Yogis

Qabal uprising, outlawing of magic, burning of the libraries

850 - Hassan returns to Medinaat al-Salaam

855 - The Man of the Mountain (Hassan) reigns as a crime lord

857 - Hassan is banished from Medinaat al-Salaam after falling against the Caliph

875 - Hassan learns of his curse

880 - The Assassins are formed

900 - Exodus - the Ebonites relocate to outside of Medinaat al-Salaam

1100 - The Campaign begins
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Re: Timeline

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1 Saffar 1100-5 Saffar 1100 - A Fest of Arrows

Majdala al-Rashid, Khadi Delegate to House Menjari, having taken up a fascination with archery hosts a festival and competition. Many enter either to test their own skill or that of their chosen (and well paid) champions.

To the shock of many the final contest was an archery duel with Majdala herself. Many contestants left with vicious wounds while the Khadi simply laughed off the many blows she took in turn. In this cruel competition the nomad, Lamis Naaji, scored the most fearsome blow against the undead sorceress.

However the final victor, and overall champion, was Yarut of the Moto and her sponsor Soraya al-Menjari who received a boon from Majdala as her reward.

Thus did the fest end and the city recovered and prepared as another, hopefully kinder, festival was but a few weeks away.
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